North Eastern Road Trip

I absolutely LOVE driving and taking road trips, so why not combine them with my passion for photography.  I am always amazed by the photos you find on post cards and visitor magazines you pick up at rest stops.  Every time I look at them I think to myself (probably like many other non-landscape photographers) ” Thats easy, let me get to that location and take the same photo ” , that statement can not be any farther from the truth!!  After many attempts of recreating some of my favorite photos from magazines I realized that landscape photography is NOT as easy as it looks and I give every one of those photographers so much respect for what they do!!  They have the ability to bring a simple landscape to life and have us draw emotion from it, not at easy task!!

In this new Travel series of Blog Posts, I wanted to share some photos from a North Eastern road trip I took from my home town of New York stoping at Salem, Massachusetts and then continuing all the way north to Acadia National Park in Maine.  Feel free to ask me any questions at the end of this post on the locations or what gear was used to take each of the photos.

Photographing landscapes on a road trip from New York to Salem Massachusetts and acadia national park in maine_01

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