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Reginald Webber Jr.

Fresh from Los Angeles, Reginald moved to New York City with the hopes of establishing himself as a dancer, singer, and model and is certainly hitting the ground running. His contract with the highly acclaimed Bollywood company, Mystic India: The World Tour brought him to the East coast, but he is trying to build his experience and exposure as a contemporary and ballet dancer as well. It was a breeze working with an artist like this and I’m so glad that I could help him create a vision of what he wants to show the world. You can see many of the pictures that we captured together on his website http://www.raw-jr.com

Fashion portrait session with dancer Reginald Webber Jr in brooklyn photo studio with greg j konop photography_02

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Heidi Hope Photography Workshop

As photographers, like any other trade, I think it is extremely important that we continue to build our skill sets. Every year I try to attend a photography workshop so that I too can improve on my own photography skills. This past week I had the extreme pleasure of learning from the very talented newborn photographer Heidi Hope! Not only was Heidi’s workshop enligtening but it was filled with many sweet treats and new friends. But most importantly, her workshop has given me many new tools to expand my own newborn photography.  Here is a look at just some of the great photos we captured from the 3 day workshop.

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Andrew Lowery

Andrew is a fresh new face in the acting world.  Originally from Pennsylvania, he moved to NY to follow his dream of being an actor.  Since landing in NY he has been in many small rolls on TV and looking forward to seeing him in much bigger roles with his new headshots!

Headshot session with actor Andrew Lowrey in brooklyn photo studio with greg j konop photography_01

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Lucia Pompetti

It was great having this new young model come though the studio for some headshots.  Not just another beautiful face, but also very we spoken and talented attending the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts.  Look out for big things to happen for this rising star.

Headshot session with actor Lucia Pompetti in brooklyn ny photo studio with greg j konop photography_01

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North Eastern Road Trip

I absolutely LOVE driving and taking road trips, so why not combine them with my passion for photography.  I am always amazed by the photos you find on post cards and visitor magazines you pick up at rest stops.  Every time I look at them I think to myself (probably like many other non-landscape photographers) ” Thats easy, let me get to that location and take the same photo ” , that statement can not be any farther from the truth!!  After many attempts of recreating some of my favorite photos from magazines I realized that landscape photography is NOT as easy as it looks and I give every one of those photographers so much respect for what they do!!  They have the ability to bring a simple landscape to life and have us draw emotion from it, not at easy task!!

In this new Travel series of Blog Posts, I wanted to share some photos from a North Eastern road trip I took from my home town of New York stoping at Salem, Massachusetts and then continuing all the way north to Acadia National Park in Maine.  Feel free to ask me any questions at the end of this post on the locations or what gear was used to take each of the photos.

Photographing landscapes on a road trip from New York to Salem Massachusetts and acadia national park in maine_01

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Mystic India – The World Tour

If there is anything I can say about this group is that they are very professional, and a lot of fun to work with.  Mystic India: The World Tour is an internationally acclaimed Bollywood dance spectacular based on the concept of ancient India’s transition into modern India. Created in 2011 by the internationally acclaimed dance company, AATMA Performing Arts, the show has traveled to over 4 continents, visited more than 7 countries, and has been seen by over 200,000 people in the last year alone. The show features renowned musicians, brilliant dancers, breathtaking aerialists and acrobats, and over 750 opulent costumes. The colorful costumes and elaborate setshave been custom designed in India’s film capital by a team of 40 designers and workers over the course of three years. The lighting, set design, and special effects have been fully customized to sync with the show’s high production value.  Here are just a few of the many dancers you will see in the show. Make sure to check out the links below to get to know the group better and the groups tour dates.

Headshot session with Dancer Andrea from Mystic India in brooklyn photo studio with greg j konop photography_01

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Brennan Taylor

What more can I say about Brennan Taylor other than he is down to earth, nice, and lots of fun to talk to.  Oh, did I mention he is also an actor, a very accomplished one at that booking rolls on hit shows like Law and Order SVU, Hostages, and Blue Bloods to just name a few.  Make sure to check out his website at the end of this post for more info!!  And now here are the headshots we created…

Headshot session with actor Brennan Taylor in brooklyn photo studio with greg j konop photography_01

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Queens Republican Party

This past year I had the privilege of meeting and photographing two Republican candidates that were running for City Council in Queens County, New York.  Alex Blishteyn grew up in Queens and is now a very experienced and successful litigator, who is a proud product of the NYC public school system.   Joseph Concannon is a proven leader! Who in his distinguished 25 year career with the NYPD rose up the ranks to Police Captain.  Today Joe is the CEO of Integris Security LLC, a physical security, disaster recovery, and intelligence service.  Even though they both come from very different backgrounds and professions, they both have strong commitments to their community and the Republican Party.

Alex Blishteyn

Headshot and portrate session with Alex Blishteyn who is running for the republican party city Councill_01

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Melanie Kannokada

It is always a fun day at the studio when Melanie comes in for a shoot.  This is our third time working together and it never gets old!  Not only is she absolutely beautiful in person, but she also has a generous heart running a non-profit organization called Hospital for Hope (www.hospitalforhope.org), which is currently developing a hospital in rural India.  If that is not enough, Melanie also modeled for Vogue India Magazine, holds a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, and currently filming an HBO comedy pilot where she gets to act alongside Jack Black.  Without further a do, here is the work we created together…

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Meghan Roberts

I recently had the privilege of photographing the talented Megan Roberts in Brooklyn NY.  Not only is she a great model, but also a filmmaker, writer, and actress!!  She has a lot going on for her, make sure to check out her site for her new projects at the end of this post.

Headshot session with actor Meghan Roberts in brooklyn photo studio with greg j konop photography_01

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